20151130 End of November … a mink and water sights

After the winter wonderland we had lots of warm rain which melted the snow and filled the ditches.

We saw this mink swimming along the shore near St Amants:

P1720746-1-2 P1720753-1-2

Yes, for a minute I thought it was Rudolph, the Red Nosed Mink!

Then we checked out the local ditches for sights:  (Click on the images to see the intricacies full screen.)


Up closer:








This is some stranded ice on the Inlet, near where the mink was a few days earlier.



Ice sculptures in another roadside ditch:


Even though the weather was drab and the landscape had the November blahs, there always seems to be something to see out there!

3 thoughts on “20151130 End of November … a mink and water sights

  1. Trouble is Tom…I would walk right past all this mysterious beauty and never give it a second glance. Thank you for taking these beautiful pictures and allowing us the opportunity to pay attention to the ordinary and see it all from your magical perspective.

  2. Thanks, Pat.

    I, too, used to walk/drive by a lot of interesting sights until …
    … I started really USING my camera, which influenced me to USE my eyes, which SLOWED me down, which INCREASED MY ENJOYMENT of many more minutes of my daily life.

    Yes, your observation, “to pay attention to the ordinary” is very insightful as it has great potential to increase one’s enjoyment of many more moments in one’s life.


  3. You are able to focus in on those views that highlight intricate and fascinating details >> most bypass these treasures without realizing that wonder is in THE DETAILS which, in turn, make up the whole >> you see and recognize !! WELL DONE !!

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