20151124 Winter Wonderland in Britt after the snowstorm

As  mentioned on the last post, 20151123 … , we spent a few hours Tuesday morning taking photos around Britt.

(Some of these are worth clicking on to get a full screen version.)

Here are the first two of the morning at 8:15AM, Still River from Hwy 526:

P1720484-1-2 P1720493-1

About 40 minutes later I went to Old Legion Lane to capture these two:



Then we went along Riverside Drive to see what the Inlet  looked like:

P1720529-1 P1720544-1

Mill Island reflections…


Nice cottage ….





Along Riverside Rd this birdie was enjoying the first big snowfall of the season:



Then the sun came out for a few moments, just before that big black cloud got overhead:


A little drama!



Nice geometry …


Male Staghorn Sumac …


The grass has disappeared, leaving the sedge exposed.



That little maple is growing out of a Giant’s Kettle, which was drilled during the retreat of the last ice age.


After spending the day in Sudbury I managed to catch this mallard dipping his bill in the water …


…. just before the western sky lit up with a brilliant sunset.



Quite a nice day!!!

5 thoughts on “20151124 Winter Wonderland in Britt after the snowstorm

  1. “Quite a nice day” (I feel) is an understatement to this magical Winter’s realm and …..”those clouds” One feels uplifted – awe, wonder and sheer delight. Being present there must have been incredible. Thank you!!!!

  2. Ciao Tom… Your day trip photos put me right back to my youth in the Kootenays – the vistas, the charm, & the tone … Very magical … indeed …

    • Thanks a lot, folks, for your very generous comments. I really enjoyed the outing and am lucky to be able to share my delight with my friends!

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