20160125 Cold Snap Jan 10-11

Following the January thaw we had a cold snap which thickened the ice and stirred up some lake effect snow …

Big (Gereaux) Lake froze over:


The edges of the ditches ice moved out into the streamflow …


Byng Inlet froze over, locking St Amant’s dock poles into the ice, as “lake effect streamers” indicated what was to come:


The busy beaver featured in two previous posts severed the birch tree but it  hung up in the adjacent ash tree and a pole wire.


The lake effect snow was serious at times….


Blowing snow on the Old Still River Road:


Some cold clear hours  freezing over the mouth of the Still  River:


And ice floes floating down the Naiscoot at Twin Rivers:


Clear evening skies, indicating another night to tighten up the streams and ditches.


It almost seemed as though Mother Earth was getting prepped for the major snowfall on Jan 12-13.

One thought on “20160125 Cold Snap Jan 10-11

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