20160125 Cold Snap Jan 10-11

Following the January thaw we had a cold snap which thickened the ice and stirred up some lake effect snow …

Big (Gereaux) Lake froze over:


The edges of the ditches ice moved out into the streamflow …


Byng Inlet froze over, locking St Amant’s dock poles into the ice, as “lake effect streamers” indicated what was to come:


The busy beaver featured in two previous posts severed the birch tree but it  hung up in the adjacent ash tree and a pole wire.


The lake effect snow was serious at times….


Blowing snow on the Old Still River Road:


Some cold clear hours  freezing over the mouth of the Still  River:


And ice floes floating down the Naiscoot at Twin Rivers:


Clear evening skies, indicating another night to tighten up the streams and ditches.


It almost seemed as though Mother Earth was getting prepped for the major snowfall on Jan 12-13.

3 thoughts on “20160125 Cold Snap Jan 10-11

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  2. Hello Tom
    What a great article. It must feel so good to have someone appreciate all your beautiful shots!
    Hope you are keeping well.
    We missed you the last time we were up when we helped our friends put their boat into the water.
    Will be back to help with the haul out.
    Keep well.
    Barb/Dan Edsall😃

    • Thanks Barb!
      Yes, it is a very generous article.
      Hope to see you folks at haul-out time!

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