20160125 Jan 12-13 Snowstorm!

After the Jan 10-11 Cold Snap we enjoyed a couple of days of snow, resulting from an invasion of wet air from the Gulf and some wet air from evaporation off of Lake Huron/Georgian Bay.

Starting to insulate the upper surface of Byng Inlet ice,  making future snowmobilers unhappy:


The spruce trees, including this one at Reynold’s Rock are loading up:


The distant shores of Big Lake are obscured:


The tamarack/(dead) black spruce swamps are filling with snow.


This photograph is worth clicking on … to see the snowflakes against the sky, against the leafless trees and against the foreground snowbank:


Still River Road:


Still River Road, again, looking across the CPR tracks to see the wind-driven snow.


Across the road from my place.   Delicate, even when snowing hard.


A hundred feet further on:


Returning, following my tracks back out:


The next day, an opportunity to enjoy the snow sculptures in the neighbourhood:

P1740410-1-2 P1740416-1-2

Winter scenes are always changing, providing great opportunities for photographers.

One thought on “20160125 Jan 12-13 Snowstorm!

  1. “Breathtaking Winter Wonderland pix” – clicking on your suggested pix was SO worth it – and those road views. Thank you very much for ALL these special, and exceptional, views !!!

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