20160704-5 Trip to Parry Sound, Francis Pegahmagabow

Here are some pix taken on trip to Parry Sound on American Independence Day …

Tall Meadow Rue, one of the many thalictrums in Ontario.


Pickerel Weed in the little stream flowing into Big Lake…


Nice lighting on the White Water Lilies on the pond near Big Lake …

P1370651-1 P1370671-1 P1370674-1

Having a rest for a bit  …


Unknown cultivar in a very nice patch on the Shebeshekong end of Woods Road.  It was in the company of day lilies and a patch of …


… Black Eyed Susans, the first seen this year:


Here is that spectacular lily at Lane Family Pharmacy Parry Sound again, 3 days later than the earlier photo …


Northern Bush Honeysuckle is blooming now.


As is the Winterberry  aka Black Alder Winterberry, Brook Alder, Canada holly, Coralberry, Deciduous Holly, Deciduous Winterberry, False alder, Fever bush, Inkberry, Michigan Holly, Possumhaw, Swamp Holly, Virginian Winterberry, or Winterberry Holly.


Blueberries are ripening …

P1370746-1 This is a well-restored wetland after a CPR derailment of tank cars of ethylene about 12 years ago at the Shebeshekong crossing.


Who is Francis Pegahmagabow?

Hopefully this recently unveiled statue will inform residents and visitors of the famed WWI sniper.  In his later political life Pegahmagabow  became well known to the Department of Indian Affairs as he was reluctant to become subservient to the will of the local Indian Agent, John Daly.

The Wikipedia entry  has this background on the statue:

“A life-sized bronze statue of Pegahmagabow was erected in his honour on National Aboriginal Day, June 21, 2016, in Parry Sound, near Georgian Bay. The figure has an eagle on one arm, a Ross rifle slung from its shoulder, and a caribou at its feet, representing the Caribou Clan that Pegahmagabow belonged to. The Eagle was his spirit animal. The artist Tyler Fauvelle spent eight months sculpting the statue, which spent a further year in casting. Fauvelle chose to erect it in Parry Sound rather than Wasauksing to reach a larger public and educate them on the contributions of First Nations people to Canada.”


This photo was taken from the parking lot near the walking trail at the Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts.



One thought on “20160704-5 Trip to Parry Sound, Francis Pegahmagabow

  1. Tom, so beautifully done – you’re able to gift us with Mother’s Nature wonders (the colours, the lighting) – makes us aware that we need TO LOOK and SEE when we are in her domain. Thank you !!!

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