20160809 Birdies, bugs, blooms, berries mid-summer

We haven’t been out much in the hot winds of mid summer.  But we did take some short drives to see some interesting beasties over the last few days.  What we saw:

A potter wasp on milkweed leaf …


Female monarch taking nectar, possibly before laying eggs on the milkweed leaves.



Little bee picks up the shaft of sunlight illuminating part of the butterfly’s left wing.


Sand digger wasp taking nectar from milkweed blossoms —- along with two little friends!


One of the many Duskywings (Columbine?)commonly seen in Ontario.


Yes, we have curious pigeons in Britt also.


And lots of grasshoppers in the hot dry weather ….





Chokecherries are ripening now, much to the delight of wild critters.P1420884-1

Hollyhock near fisherman Eddie’s place …


Riper chokecherries, ready for making jelly (or wine).


Highbush cranberries, ready for stinking up a kitchen in a few weeks.


Virgin’s bower …



…. with the beautiful “granulations” in the petals …P1430061-1

First time that I’ve ever seen a flock (about 20) of these birdies.


Rictal hairs …. a giveaway to an insectivore used to catching prey in the air…  An Eastern Kingbird.


The first time I’ve ever seen a Goldfinch taking a larva possible to stock up on protein, as they have a very late breeding season.


All as this old crow eyes the photographer warily…


We need some rain to see these Ghosts of August!



5 thoughts on “20160809 Birdies, bugs, blooms, berries mid-summer

  1. You’re back – beautiful display in spite of the winds and those vibrant colours of the chokeberries, hollyhock and virgin bower – wow and loved the “beasties”. Thank you!!!!

    • Thanks Krys!
      Yes, other activities have reduced my blog activity lately so it is good to get back behind the viewfinder and to share a few photos and thoughts.

  2. Your son gave me the link to your website (we stay at BCR on Manitoulin) Your posts are interesting and your photos outstanding. So happy to see a Monarch. I have not seen any in our area this month and I grow milkweed in my garden to attract them.

    • Hello Ruth,
      Good that Ted shared the blog address! I am enjoying your blog which contains lots of quality insights, IMHO.

      Perhaps you are the lady that had sent him photos of some birds seen at BCR, including a Green Heron, which I’ve yet to see across Georgian Bay at Britt.

      I am finding that the use of the camera increases my interest and knowledge of our natural environment including many new birdies and nowadays, bugs of various kinds.

      I found the Monarchs to be sparse this year also. Hopefully our recent rains have re-invigorated the milkweeds so that a new generation of Monarchs will be strong and healthy for their return trip to Mexico.

      I will be looking forward to visiting your blogs from time to time. Yes, it is a good thing to reflect on our daily learnings! http://bodysoulandspirit.blogspot.ca/

      Tom Sr.

      • Thank you Tom. Yes, I did send Ted the bird photos. I love birding on Irish Line as much as my husband likes fishing on the lake. Both pursuits require considerable patience. Having a digital camera has been my best tool for learning about nature.

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