20160818 Some bugs and blooms along Hwy 529

We got behind with keeping the blog up to date with lots of other pressing things —- like making some photos.  Here are the results of a leisurely trip up Hwy 529 a week ago, with minimal text.  I want to get these up on the blog, mainly as a record of what is seen in mid-August around here.

This critter had been eating the Evening Primrose petal —


—- and is in the process of launching for another foray … or perhaps heading home with a full belly!


A beetle on milkweed …


And a ladybug on milkweed …


Bald-faced hornet on milkweed …


Unidentified wasp, not even in this wonderful resource:


P1430786-1 P1430791-1

This looks like a Great Black Wasp:


First time I’ve noticed the interesting hooks on the reproductive structures of Goatsbeard.



Fireweed with visitor …



Wild Sarsaparilla with its (apparently) sweet, spicy seeds…

P1430842-1-2 P1430842-1

Dragonfly, stopping to chew its food …


Banquet at the Joe Pyeweed patch….

P1430885-1 P1430902-1 P1430909-1 P1430917-1 P1430947-1 P1430971-1

Another dragonfly, this time hanging on to a milkweed leaf…

P1440005-1 P1440045-1 P1440055-1

I suspect that the above female are laying the eggs for the last generation of Monarchs to hatch before they head south.   Mary Holland has a very nice article on the subject of the last generation.




3 thoughts on “20160818 Some bugs and blooms along Hwy 529

    • When I posted the picture above on Flickr, someone IDed it as Priocnemis oregana (Forest Spider Wasp).

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