20161010 Frosty Foggy Morning

On Thanksgiving Monday morning we awoke to no wind with a clear cold sky.  The resulting radiation fog hovered just below 0ºC and coated much of the landscape with frost crystals.

Here are a few examples of what it looked like.  Some are quite interesting when viewed full size.  Click on the image to magnify it.

Up close:



Behind the house, looking east:


Swamp near the new  railway underpass between Key River and Hwy 522.


Looking East and South East from Hwy 69 at Clear Lake (Grundy Lake Provincial Park):


These three are challenging back-lit images, which are often described as “no-nos” by some conventional landscape photographers.

p1800099-1 p1800111-1 p1800122-1

Although the above are difficult to expose properly I find them at least as engaging as the following conventional landscape imagery taken 4 1/2 minutes later looking North from Hwy 522:



Irene’s fall decorations enhance the drive into Britt:


Fall is a beautiful time of the year!





2 thoughts on “20161010 Frosty Foggy Morning

  1. Oh My Gosh Tom – this breathtaking glimpse into yet another dimension of our visible sight !! Thank you.

  2. Thanks Krys!
    Yes. An amazing amount of information in those light waves. As some knowledgeable photographers say, “It’s all in the light.”

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