20161015 Screaming Heads

Screaming Heads is art teacher Peter Camani’s retirement project.  It is a fringe homestead featuring Midlothian Castle, Screaming Heads, an Organic Farm and the location of the Harvest Festival.

I was torn between taking a long walk around the 310 acre site or continuing my trip south of the Town of Magnetawan, along the Old Nipissing Road, returning to Parry Sound via the Orange Valley Road.  I ended up sampling Screaming Heads and then stopped by the Cornball Store for a bite before continuing.

A sampling:

Back yard of Screaming Heads, showing entrance gate, head-shaped studio, gardens and decorated shed.


Parking area guarded by screamers.


Field across the road from the Castle.


Entrance to Midlothian Castle:


Pines and maples along Midlothian Road, enroute to The Cornball Store.


The Cornball Store, an oasis at the intersection of Midlothian Road and the (Old)  Nipissing Road south of Magnetawan.  It is a  great place for home cooked frozen meals, fresh baked goods and a freshly made sandwich on a home baked croissant.  I always try to refresh my fading Swiss German dialect  with Andrea and Andy.


These photos were all taken from the car along the Nipissing Road, south of the Cornball Store.



Spence Lake Road:


Taken from the old concrete bridge just south of the Spence Lake Road.


Near Orange Valley Road.


Here is a very nice illustrated history of The Old Nipissing Road – Ontario’s Ghost Road.



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