20161019 Local fall views

Here are some photos of scenes on Wednesday October 19.

Morning sun and mist on Clear Lake from Hwy 69:


Pond on Hwy 522 between Grundy Lake and the CPR crossing at Pakesley.

p1800565-1 p1800568-1

Remnants of morning mist on Old Still River Road:

p1800570-1 p1800575-1-2

Silver Birches are turning…


Aspens are also starting among the Red Maples:


Twin Rivers from Hwy 529:


Fluffy inflorescences of Goldenrods and Asters:

p1800606-1 p1800620-1 p1800623-1

An interesting time of the year.

One thought on “20161019 Local fall views

  1. Hi Hi, Tom and thank you for yet another beautiful Autumn display. There’s just something about this all-too-brief season. – partial to that :”road” pix. xoxo

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