20161102 Calm start to November

It has been damp and calm for the last few days.  Not at all like the typical November storms that stir up Georgian Bay this time of the year.  The calm wet air, sometimes combined with water surfaces, give some opportunities to capture some interesting scenes.  Some examples:

The “back road”  across from the farm…


The pond between Grundy Lake PP and the Pakesley CPR Crossing…


Cattails at the pond …


Hwy 522 looking East towards Pakesley Crossing …


Pond from Hwy 69 north of Key River…

p1800903-1 p1800909-1 p1800912-1

Byng Inlet from Britt, with , Sedges, Cattails and Canada Rushes in the foreground…


Adeline at berth…


Some textures …


Pixie Cups seem to using chlorophyll this time of the year …


Acid Dock in Britt as the mist rises to form some cloud puffs.


Perhaps we are seeing the calm before the November storms?


4 thoughts on “20161102 Calm start to November

  1. Oh, Tom – Thank you so much for these – will make room for the 2 here that are absolutely perfect for me. xoxo

  2. Yes, they were truly magnificent that morning. Very still with subdued lighting in the wet air gave an almost ethereal look to the reflections. But the reflections are not quite perfect, giving further interest to the scenes. I especially like the close up of the patch of lilies and rushes as the water surface transitions from reflective (of the sky) to refractive (of the water bottom). Meanwhile the mind tries to sort out the combination of direct view rushes and reflected view rushes. Maybe it is the complexity of the scene that engages me.
    It was quite a thrill to see it after I took the photo of the Adeline. It was even more thrilling when I first saw it on the computer at home. Quite a bit of magic in that camera!! 🙂

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