20170108-11 Experiments with Nokton Lens – day and night

We had some patches of snow, rain and clear skies during the night and day for a few days, giving us the opportunity to play with the FZ1000 and the Nokton 10.5 mm f/0.95 manual lens on the GH4.  Here are some results:

All of these exposure were hand-held from the car—- with elbows propped against the window sills, ignition off.

Very soft Nokton at a few seconds.  Click on the image to see the stars … notice the hand-held blur.  I need more practice.


The following night I tried again, just at the clouds came in to partially obscure the moon.   The obscured moon did not illuminate the sparkles sufficiently for a good capture.


These 4 Halogen lights illuminate the driveway of the BAFD.   The diffraction patterns are exactly what I am looking for with the Nokton lens.  I want to get  that lens  to diffract the little sparkles of light reflected from the crystals of snow when illuminated by sunshine or moonshine.


Dave and Irene’s winter scene…


Glennie’s entrance … with the Nokton, giving a little bit of diffraction “star”.


Through a glass, darkly


Glennie’s entrance on a snowy night with the FZ1000 … no diffraction.


Doug and Doreen’s house with the FZ1000.


After 6 hours of rain after a snowstorm…  those patterns will show through the following snow cover giving an interesting texture.


After this series we had a heavy clinging snowfall … making for some interesting scenery … next posting.

One thought on “20170108-11 Experiments with Nokton Lens – day and night

  1. I see you captured the Cetus constellation in the upper left of the first photo! Since getting my R eye cataract done, I now see the stars and constellations that I’ve been missing. All beautiful pictures Tom! Thanks, Diana

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