20170113 Nokton: Burwash day and local night

We played with the Nokton 10.5mm f/0.95 prime on the GH4 with these results:

Burwash, Neilly Lake …


Neilly Lake red pines …


Trying for good diffraction, nice sparkles and useful exposures with a manual focus and manual exposure Voigtlander Nokton lens.   Focus peaking and zebra striping of a modern mirrorless camera (GH4) really helps!!  Click on photos to get a full size version to see the sparkles….

p1480446-1  p1480453-1-2



p1480471-1 p1480509-1



Back home …




St Amants dock posts illuminated by moon from left and streetlighting from right.  (And car tail lights in foreground.)


Diana’s festive lighting …


Glenny’s entrance with post office in background (Moon is diffracted) …..


Oft-photographed White Pine on Hwy 529, hand held from car, …


Back home …


I’ve learned that fresh snow is important to show sparkles on a moonlit night.  Snow that has been around for a while has very small sparkles (due to sublimation and/or melting of individual crystals, methinks) which do not show up well in a night photograph.  In the above photo, the camera operator did not stabilize the camera properly for the 2 second exposure, resulting in a very blurry incompetent photograph!

Moon as seen by the FZ1000  at 400mm equivalent focal length, through the trees across from Annie’s.


Sans trees.  Click for detail.  Moon is about 2 nights past full moon.


Interesting relationship between Ruffed Grouse and Trembling Aspen:




2 thoughts on “20170113 Nokton: Burwash day and local night

  1. Tom, the moon behind the tree branches from Annie’s place is spectacular! Wow, I’d love to get that framed and placed somewhere in my home!! Beautiful!!! Thanks, Diana

  2. Hi Hi and you played well Tom, especially with the reflection of the sunlight and that moon. Thank you and “play on Professor”.. xoxo

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