20170125 R.I.P. Brandy, The Princess

Last Wednesday (January 25th) Brandy, the Princess, was killed on the railway tracks behind my house.  Fortunately she died instantly when hit by a fast moving freight train.

Here are some photos of happier times:

Posing for a portrait, August 2013 …


Playing with waves out on Bathtub Island, July 2012 …


Sneaking up on a water lily, Black Bay, August 2012 …


Maintaining her watch from the co-pilot’s seat, March 2015 …


Relaxing on Floatboat II, on the occasion of  Paul’s visit July 2016 …


She has joined her friend, Buddy, who predeceased her February 2016, in Doggie Heaven.

She gave back today:

This morning, on her behalf, I donated two large unopened bags of her special (and expensive)  dog food to her Veterinarian, to be given to a pet owner who found it difficult to buy such needed dog food.    Later I had  lunch with two friends and told them about the circumstances of Brandy’s  passing and about her donation.  At the end of the meal, our server said that the folks who had lunch at the next table had paid my bill to help celebrate Brandy’s life.  Wow!   What a great reminder of the essential goodness in all of us … in spite of current tensions in some parts of the world.   Sometimes it takes a doggie to help us recognize the goodness in all of our hearts.

So, thank you, anonymous friends and thank you, Brandy.

My pace of photo-making has slowed but I have a few that I’ll share in a few days, when I am feeling a bit better.


6 thoughts on “20170125 R.I.P. Brandy, The Princess

  1. I don’t know brandy but feel as if I do from your wonderful photos of her.. I hope you have many beautiful memories to sustain you.

    • Thank you, Marilyn,
      Yes, I do have great memories of the rascal. One of the best things about photos is that they bring back memories.

  2. Thank you Thomas for those precious pictures of your Princess. Your loss will never go away but it won’t always be an abyss opening up under your feet. “To weep is to make less the loss of grief.” W.S. My thoughts are with both you and Brandy. xoxo.

    • Thanks Krys,
      Yes, good words. The loss of Brandy reminds me of earlier pals I had while living in Britt … Blue, Seesta, Levi, Luther, Buddy and now Brandy. All great friends.

  3. Tom , I’m really sad to hear you are without Brandy. A member of your family i s gone, but not forgotten.

    I wish you well, and perhaps ,as was my luck, you may come across a senior rescue who has been waiting a long time for someone.

    Thinking of you, Jan Scales.

    • Thanks Jan,
      The word is out so who knows? I am hoping that another senior doggie will end up living with this old fart photographer before long. In the meantime I am using my shop vac to remove great volumes of dog hair from car, garage and house. Early spring cleaning!


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