20170401 First April Birds and a Wasp

Canada Geese and Ring billed Gulls arrived as the ice was going out.


Ice inspectors doing their jobs …..

Uh Oh!  Cover the lens!


This is MY post …



Pileated Woodpecker inspecting its new cavity…

Up very close …

And from afar …

And the first wasp of the season …

Over the past couple of days (mid April)  I have been photographing wild hazelnut blossoms.  In my research I came across a wonderful blog:


It is very well organized and very authoritative.   Worth following!




3 thoughts on “20170401 First April Birds and a Wasp

  1. Tom your pictures make me melt.
    Your blog is my happy place.

    All heart pet rescue

    Hug tintin for me

    • Thanks, Kathy!
      I’m happy that you are enjoying the approach of spring as seen through my old eyes. TinTin and I have been getting out in the car every day. While we cruise the backroads she pokes her head out the starboard window to check for wildlife, while I monitor the port side. She is really doing well and is busy training her master.
      I’ll bring her over for a visit one of these days — for some hugs.

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