20170502 Rainy: Maple blossoms, Song Sparrow, Early Saxifrage, Viburnum, Sambucus, Moss, Trillium

Another rainy day yielded these photos taken locally.

A red maple: I think displaying flowering buds, at various stages:

These certainly look like female Acer rubrum flowers.

This appears to be an earlier version of the above, with stamens also attached:

Advanced leaf in a microclimate next to a south-facing rock…

Female house sparrow, I think….

Early Saxifrage peeking over the rock ..

Terminal flower bud of one of the Viburnums:  Probably nudum var. cassinoides .  I think that it is a Northern Wild Raisin because this is within an area where they are plentiful.

Elderberry … Sambucus:

In spite of reading this very technical, well illustrated article I still cannot determine what these structures are:

Above and below: Very different sporangia!

First glimpse of Ontario’s Flower:

I am using a bit of a different publishing method this time.  We’ll see how it works out.