20170504 Honeysuckle, Carolina Spring Beauty, Trout Lily, Trillium, Catkins, Mosses & Lichens, Red Maple, Blue Cohosh

A nice few hours up on Hwy 522 to see spring flowers, some emerging and some at their best  …

Lonicera canadensis, Fly Honeysuckle are blooming on a shrub about a metre or so tall.

Carolina Spring Beauty in normal habitate.

And a trout lily in typical habitat…

A clump of Trillium grandiflorum, Ontario’s flower, with its petals still furled.

Willow, Salix, showing the difference between this male catkin …

… and this female catkin on an adjoining plant:

A collection of moss-lichens showing the great diversity of their symbiotic relationships:





Clear example of clusters of female Acer rubrum flowers:

Blue Coshosh bloom very quickly.  One week, even in this cold weather is about the length of the bloom.  A day or so, for each individual floret.

Although I’ve seen one moose this spring, very few deer and no bears have been seen yet.  Perhaps the rainy/snowy cold weather has been a factor.