20170728 Killarney and Burwash

Above Photo:  Chikanishing Creek as seen from Hwy 637 about 1.5 km SW of the Main Entrance to Killarney PP.

We made a quick trip to Killarney to visit the “Friends of Killarney” bookstore at the park entrance.  I was looking for this Dragonfly Field Guide.  Alas, out of stock in Killarney so now we have an excuse to make a trip to Huntsville.  On the way back from Killarney we made a quick detour to Burwash.  This is some of what we saw:

Great Spangled Fritillary nectaring on Daisy Fleabane at Chikanishing Creek …

Spiraea alba, commonly known as meadowsweet, white meadowsweet, narrowleaf meadowsweet, pale bridewort, or pipestem

Blueberries are ripening …

Pretty green Grasshopper…

Ranchers despise the various species of Knapweeds, some of which are known as “Hardheads”.

The Large Leaved Asters are starting to bloom already  …. signalling the approach of the end of summer!

Common Yarrow plants are still blooming…

Some wild hazelnuts that have not yet been harvested by squirrels, Blue Jays and humans….

Big crops of cultivar Honeysuckle berries  at Burwash….

Orange Hawkweed, Devils Paintbrush are still blooming along the Burwash Road ….

If you are interested in Butterflies check this blog out:  https://leplog.wordpress.com/2017/08/04/mid-atlantic-butterfly-field-forecast-for-the-week-of-2017-august-5/    Awesome stuff at that site!

And if you are local or passing through, this is always worthwhile:    https://www.parrysound.com/parrysound-community/sideroads/   Great photography and interesting articles.

2 thoughts on “20170728 Killarney and Burwash

  1. Thank you Tom .. beautiful and well done … partial to “Blueberries are ripening” and “Big crops of cultivar Honeysuckle berries at Burwash” (that bright clean red colour). It’s a wonderland out there Tom. xoxo

    • Thanks Krys!
      Yes, the alternating sun and rain has helped us to see what surrounds us a bit more clearly.
      I like those berries also. I like to look closely at our 3 species of wild cherries, our highbush cranberries and others. Lowbush or bog cranberries are also very nice but every year it gets harder to get up after examining them up close!

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