20171119 First heavy snow: bald faced hornet, winterberry, sailor

On November 19th we woke to a heavy snowfall of wet snow that had frozen to the landscape.   This is what we saw around Britt.

Across the highway along Boucher’s Pit Road:

Old Still River Road …

Still River from Hwy 526 …

From Old Legion Lane

Byng Inlet from Riverside Road  …

Tom and Sue came by and pointed out this nest  across the road from Joe and Allison’s place.   I emailed Joe Campbell at http://www.gananoque.com/goh/joe.htm

who told me that the nest was made by a colony of bald-faced hornets.

You may remember this wasp consuming its prey in this September 1st post.

In that post I mis-identified the wasp a Great Black Wasp.  It is actually a Bald-Faced Hornet consuming a big hoverfly.

This load of snow on winterberries reminds  me of Marge Simpson!

And every time I see this great carving I am reminded of my late dear friend John.

He is sadly missed by our little community and by kith and kin across our Country.