20150604 Visit to Atlantic Rust Control … Cardinals, Grackles and a Warbler

We went to P’s tp check on noisy brakes.  After getting the diagnosis we watched a Northern Cardinal show off at the bird feeder.

“Don’t I look pretty!”


“Do you have a signed Model Release?”


“It looks like there is some food down there.”


“I know that there are some other birdies around here, but I am prettiest.”


P1510628 P1510638 P1510664

We took the Old Still River Rd home and saw this Chestnut Sided Warbler


Some sort of moth on  yet to bloom, Thalictrum, Meadow Rue.


I broke one of my rules in shooting feeder birds, but that Northern Cardinal and Common Grackles were quite special.


2 thoughts on “20150604 Visit to Atlantic Rust Control … Cardinals, Grackles and a Warbler

  1. Your photos are fabulous. I am a friend of Krystyna Walker and she often shares your work. I am very impressed!!! Just love the close-ups of the birds but the landscapes are fantastic too!!! Very artistic!
    Marilyn Hibbins

    • Thanks for your encouragement, Marilyn. Krys has also has been very supportive.
      Now you can set this link https://brtthome.wordpress.com/ as a favorite or bookmark and visit it at any time.
      I really enjoy the hobby and manage to take a few pix every day. I’ll try to post daily, but no guarantees!!

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