20150606 Highway 522 and environs

We took the truck for a short drive this morning and noticed that the warm weather had significantly advanced blossoms and bugs.  Some examples:

This looks like either Wild Sarsaparilla or Bristly Sarsaparilla.  I can’t see a  bristly stem so I think it is the former. An interesting member of the Ginseng family.


“Footsteps of Our Lord”:


Trail behind Camp Dore.  Trilliums, Blue Cohosh, Jack in the pulpit have given way to Ostrich Fern on this unused Snowmobile trail.


Here is the pond near Grundy Lake PP again.  One beaver seen.  No Bitterns.

P1520106-2 P1520118

Yet to be Identified moth/butterfly:


The Red Osier Dogwoods are starting to bloom.  They are great insect attractors.


Some sort of Hymenoptera or Diptera is pollinating.   That really IS its shadow below it.   Interesting reflection!


Fresh Nectar!


Another Skipper?


Tamarack cones are forming quickly


They are worth another view, eh?


Fleur-de-lis a member of the Iris Order, not Lillium.


The Swallowtail on the right is coming for a landing to join the couple on the ground.

Ménage à trois?   I have a lot of pix of these folks and will report my findings later.


You  can never tell where to find Clearwing Hummingbirds, eh?

P1520435 P1520436 P1520460

Yes, this is the pretty, much maligned, Orange Hawkweed along the shoulder of Hwy 522.

Lots of stuff to see out there!


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