20150612 Rainy day, trip to Parry Sound and Loop to Orange Valley and Magnetawan

The rain provided some different views of the countryside and up close scenes so we stopped quite often to try to capture the sights of the day.  Click on the images to see the close-up effects of the rain.



A new flower for me… at the edge of a swamp…non-invasive Tufted Loosestrife:

P1530656 P1530662

Has M. Monet been here?

P1530675 P1530691

I am now convinced that Reddy Fox trails along the shoulders of roadways and feasts on both Snapping and Blanding’s Turtle eggs.

P1530703 P1530723

I had an interesting chat with a neighbour here and learned that the  gentleman left that house in 1982/3 after being born there.  He now lives nearby but no longer farms  the land.  The last remaining farmer in the area cuts wild hay from that property for his cow/calf operation but all of the farms are growing over.

Although the storm clouds remained menacing, we got some nice calm weather from time to time.


This snowshoe (judging by the size of its hind feet) stopped to lick a bit of salty mud from the roadway.


On the A. E. Hitchcock movie set?


P1530873 P1530892

Twin Rivers is looking quite summery now.


So is Big Lake!


Monet again??


More rain is forecast for Sunday.  Wind also giving yet another opportunity for photographers.


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