20150616 Some more spring blossoms

We wandered around a bit yesterday to see the progress of spring flowers.

Hackmatack  cones are progressing …



This showes why these geraniums are called cranesbills.



Nice goatsbeard before it goes into seed mode…. like a big dandelion.



Good example of the sterile attractor blossoms surrounding the fertile blooms on this V. trilobum




Moose Maple, Mountain Maple, Acer spicatum an uncommon maple around here.


Pin Cherry, Prunus pensylvanica



Black Cherry (P. serotina) or a Choke Cherry (P. virginiana) .  One of these days I’ll get a side by side comparison.



There is a huge variety of these bee/wasp look-alikes out there, pollinating wildflowers.   I wonder if they are affected by neonic0tinoids.

I suspect, but don’t know, that the arachnids are unaffected.


On of the beautiful Iris in front of D and A’s place.



One of the Lupins at my former place.  There are some that have turned into this gangly variety.



B and L’s  fragrant walkway of thyme.


Very curious painteds, stretching out in the warm sun.



Canada anemone, crowfoot has more sharply cut leaves compared to the smaller Wood anemone.


Saw a big black bear moving off of the roadway at the Mag Reserve, probably going between the Mag townsite and the Britt/Byng Inlet Landfill site.  And, again, a single Sandhill was walking between Big Lake and the pond across the Highway.  I suspect a nest nearby.  Still lots of nesting turtles.  Pickerel are starting to disperse but still some nice fish being caught in “The River”.  M.D. got a 9 lb – 3 oz pickerel last weekend up by the railway bridge.





2 thoughts on “20150616 Some more spring blossoms

  1. I can’t get over the absolute clarity and beauty of your pictures!!! You are a real artist!!!!!

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