20150617 Great Blue Heron Aerodynamics

Last Wednesday, on the Old Still River Road, I saw a GBH coming in for a landing.  So I stopped the truck, grabbed the camera and let the Autofocus on the FZ1000 work its magic to get this sequence …

Flaring just before landing.  Feathers on top of wing are (F)luffing indicating a full aerodynamic stall


The high drag of the stall and loss of lift enables a good landing for the big birdie.


Landing gear fully extended for a gentle landing.



Down on terra firma.


After take-off:

Wings are starting down stroke.   Not nice smooth surface of upper wind indicating nice laminar flow giving lots of lift and low drag.



Middle of the downstroke:


End of downstroke, beginning of lifting of “elbows”:


Amazing bird!

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