20150627 Some sights around Britt

Here are some increasingly common sights around Britt:

Mama Mallard hovering over her brood as they dab for muddy stuff.


Crow supervising the beach area:


Some more fun with the Clearwing Hummingbird Moths at my favorite milkweed patch.  No Monarchs yet.

P1580533-1 P1580545-1 P1580548-1

Did you notice the extended and then coiled proboscis in the above two images?  Neat, eh?

A nice patch of low blackberry for the squirrels and birdies


Dogbane (or Indian Hemp), with the same poisonous latex sap as its cousin, the milkweed.


This butterfly rested on the dogbane briefly before heading off for another blossom.


We’ve notices that the Meadow Rue has a myriad variety of blossom stages.

I think that there are two different species here:

P1580650-1-2  P1580674-1

I think that the meadow rue is worthy of further study.

So it this wasp imitator.  I know very few diptera, another order of insect worth studying.


In today’s travels I saw NO HONEYBEES.  Some bumble bees and lots of Diptera but no Apis .   The European Union has taken some action but the Canadian Government has not, claiming that “the Science isn’t there”.  It seems that science might be important after all.

4 thoughts on “20150627 Some sights around Britt

  1. The comment I get from our local government representative about the honeybees is that they are studying the neonicatinoids. (I think I spelled that one wrong!) By the time they finish the study it will be too late.

  2. neo nicotin oids!
    The Province of Ontario is taking regulatory action over the next several years.
    The Federal Senate Committee is saying that the science is not sufficient to take any action.
    The Federal Government is silent.

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