20150714-15 Trip to Manitoulin Island

Doggies and I went to visit kin on Lake Manitou on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Here are some pix of the outbound and return trip:

La Cloche quartzite at Willisville:


Highway cut to the right of the Lawson Quarry, where quartzite is mined to be used as a flux at Vale’s Smelter operations  in Sudbury.  A few years ago Vale made a terrific contribution to the area.


These were taken at sunrise from Green Bay Road:







This Sandhill Crane from Irish Line very early in the morning:


The following were all taken on the return trip later on Wednesday morning:

Natural recovery:


Wild carrot (Queen Anne’s Lace) at the Strawberry Island Viewpoint donated by Bob Brailey’s family.  I knew Bob when he was at Falconbridge.  He was a very valuable member of the Cambrian College BoG and left this world much too early.


P1640267-1 P1640282-1

Common knapweed and harebell blooming at the boat launch to Dreamer’s Rock.

P1640303-1 P1640327-1

Great sign on an old garage in Whitefish Falls:



You might have to click on this to enlarge the signs.   I don’t know the significance of the bell.  Perhaps storage for an old firewagon??


Doe leaving a lawn in Whitefish Falls:


And then Sudbury and home without much excitement.   Good way to keep it when on the road!


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