20150717-18 Back in Britt, fox, ducks, butterflies, blossoms, evening skies

Back home we had some rain and a day later, some interesting clouds.

A pair of Joe Pye Weeds hugging:


Evening Primrose in the morning rain:


Blue Vervain is starting to bloom:


One of the three fox kits … a little nervous.

P1640411-1 P1640417-1

Daylilies are blooming along the roadsides.


Bumblebee harvesting nectar…


Along with a great spangled fritillary

P1640483-1  P1640493-1 P1640503-1 P1640543-1 P1640551-1

Great Blue Heron sees  me and flushes …

P1640561-1 P1640564-1



Common Fireweed


The carnivorous Common Bladderwort:


Sunset time (about 9 PM) on Big Lake:

P1640620-1 P1640625-1 P1640642-1 P1640646-1 P1640675-1 P1640696-1

Back at Byng Inlet (From the acid dock):


Field across the road from the Dream Inn.  (Jupiter has moved a long ways, relative to Venus and Moon, over the last couple of weeks.


Time to get the Floatboat II into the water and take some pix of the high water in Georgian Bay…. next week.

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