20150720 Jamot Lumber Road

We went for a drive along the Jamot Lumber Road to the Bailey Bridge over the very low Pickerel River.  Along the way we saw some birdies, some nice waterlilies, ripe raspberries, green blackberries, moths, butterflies, and some other nice sights.

This looks like a house finch to me.


Monarch Caterpillar.  Fourth Instar?


Nice waterlilies on a calm day…

P1640790-1 P1640807-1 P1640811-1 P1640855-1

Breeze came up to reveal the underside structure of a leaf…. with an arrowhead leaf in the foreground.


Froggie behind arrowhead leaf


Broad leafed arrowhead with last blossom of the season.


Rudbeckia hirta with visitor …




These will be ripe in a week or so …


White Admiral on dogbane …  with a curled proboscis.


Two visitors to Solidago, the much maligned goldenrod which takes the rap for Hayfever, usually caused by ragweed.


Aha!  Viper’s Bugloss can be added to the list of nectar producers visited by clearwing hummingbird moths.

P1650015-1 P1650036-1-2

Nice hardwood forest, now a part of the Great Lakes Coast Heritage sites.


This might be a Northern Blue.   I didn’t get a chance to see its upper surface.


Always something new!

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