20150721 Skerryvore and the loop to Town of Magnetawan

Yesterday in bright sunshine we went to Parry Sound via Shebeshekong and Skerryvore Community Road.  Most of the time it was  quite windy, making up-close photography difficult, so we widened our gaze a bit to recapture these scenes:

P1650145-1 P1650148-1 P1650159-1 P1650170-1-2 P1650173-1-2 P1650182-1

On the way back we took the long way, via Orange Valley Road, the Nippissing Trail, and Highway 124.

This former residence on Orange Valley Road is gradually returning to earth.


An uncommon sight around here.  Monotropa uniflora


All of the streams are flowing at minimum.  A lot of cottagers in the area so the stop logs are probably in place.

P1650194-1 P1650203-1 P1650213-1

I think that this is some species of Rush.   Hopefully someone can ID it.  About 30 cm high.


2 thoughts on “20150721 Skerryvore and the loop to Town of Magnetawan

  1. You are able to “illuminate” the countless reasons WHY we are so fortunate to reside here.
    Thank you. (Monotropa uniflora, Water Lilies, flowing stream – Wonderful) and the decline of the Orange Road residence).

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