20151226 December … another year is ending.

To offset the dim light of a low sun and short days we have Christmas celebrations to spread cheer and lightness, like these two fine examples in Britt:

P1730267-1-2 P1730219-1

And, this year, we had the first Cold Christmas Moon since 1977, not to be seen again until 2034.

Here it is, as seen from the Town Dock after sunset on Christmas Day:


And here it is the evening before, Christmas Eve, from a deck on Old Legion Lane:

P1730222-1-2 P1730255-1

The last few weeks in December has been a challenge for a camera enthusiast  … so we had to dig deep for subjects to capture:

Phragmites blowing in the wind on a day with some rare blue sky:


Sand/light patterns in a ditch:


More ditch textures:


Rainy December day at Shawanaga  turn-off:


We had some severe rainstorms and windstorms, including this evidence of a washout on Hwy 522.


Some folks are still recovering from the windstorm on Christmas Eve.  This is what the Inlet looked like:





Yes!  A small flock of Mallards stopped in on Christmas Eve.


Local artist spreads Christmas Cheer….


Earlier in the Month I went down to Skerryvore at sunset…



And, finally, I visited with some friends in Byng Inlet on Christmas Eve.  They have constructed their house from wood sawn on their property.  After a few years, they now pronounce their Kitchen Island as “Finished”.   Here is an example of their work:


I hope that you are enjoying a good time over the Christmas holidays with kith and kin.  We are indeed blessed in this Country of ours, aren’t we?

And all of the best of happiness and prosperity in 2016 —- which is coming up quickly, eh?



2 thoughts on “20151226 December … another year is ending.

  1. Thank you so much for these spectacular views. We are so fortunate to have been given this opportunity!!!

  2. Tom, I so enjoy each and every photo and thought provoking link you send !! Happy New Year and I am looking forward to more fantastic images from you! Thanks Love Diana XXXOOO

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