20160421 Spring is HERE!

Yesterday we saw some sure-fire indicators of springtime on these Northeastern Shores of Georgian Bay:

Appearance of crocus in D & A’s well-kept flower garden next to the former Lil Britt Inn…..


Appearance of a small patch of Glory-in-the-Snow at the bottom of the rock in front of the former “Reynolds on the Rock” residence, next to the Holy Family Parish Church, Britt……


The little casings have fallen off this pussywillow showing droplets from a bit of rain.


Two cones, from previous years,  of the Larix laricina, commonly known as the tamarack, hackmatack, eastern larch,  black larch, red larch, or American larch,  next to some buds:


Some buds: 2016 cones and needle bundles starting to form …..


Buds on the blackberries are bursting:


And finally, the most important indicator of the approaching Summer Season, the appearance of docks at St Amant’s Waterfront Inn and Marina.  (ending my obsession with photographing those dratted dock poles!)


This is what the neighbourhood looked like at the end of April, 2015:

First Springtime with my FZ1000.

Exciting time of the year!