20160701 Canada Day trip to Parry Sound & Return

We made a quick tip to PS to get meds and stopped a few times on the way back … in very variable weather.

First a beautiful lily starting to bloom at Lane Family Pharmacy in Parry Sound …


And then some newly irrigated flora along Skerryvore Road …

Pixie cups …  with an indication of how it spreads:


One of the Wood ferns:


Water droplets on Butter and Eggs.


A break in the storm clouds on Hwy 529…


Skerryvore Community Road pond …


Twin Rivers from bridge…


No Canada Day Fireworks as I wasn’t quite up to par to make it.  Next year!


3 thoughts on “20160701 Canada Day trip to Parry Sound & Return

  1. Tom, breathtaking – works of natural art !! .The lilies, pixie cups, water droplets, and those majestic clouds. THANK YOU

  2. Sorry Tom, neglected to mention those beautiful ferns that I’m partial to. THANK YOU

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