20160630 Big Lake Morning, Burwash Nest Box

We got up early to check out a possible site at Big Lake to photograph the Milky Way.  Some pix from the occasion:

Arrival about Sunrise + 40 minutes, with the long lens:


A little later with the Nokton 10.5mm f/0.95 lens, which I’m going to use for some night photography.


Back to the 100-400 mm fully extended:


The Damselfly Bluets were out in great profusion …


The first Monarch Caterpillar that I’ve seen this year.


A little further down Hwy 529, Twin Rivers was calm as the morning mist evaporated:


Later in the day we went to Sudbury to get some parts for my boat and chatted with Brad, a naturalist who knows a lot about Burwash.  He suspected that the nestlings that I showed in the previous post are Peregrine Falcon chicks.  The nesting box seems awfully low to the ground for Peregrins, though:


Happy Canada Day!


One thought on “20160630 Big Lake Morning, Burwash Nest Box

  1. Happy Canada Day and thank you once more – yesterday morning, here on the river, would have taken your breath away Tom !!

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