20160629 Burwash, lilies, sparrow, raptor

We had lunch at French River with Grace & Bob and continued on to Burwash.  On the way to French River we detoured to the ponds on Highway 607 where we saw some nice water lilies:

Simple images …


And more complex ones …


On the way into Burwash the yellow lores indicated…


… a White-throated Sparrow. Which was confirmed by this portrait:


Near the former village of Burwash a big birdhouse was on a former power pole.   Although I couldn’t hear anything and there was no adult activity I finally got a shot of this nestling …


And then this triplet of wary eyes.


It looked like the well-weathered nest box had been there for a long time.  I will keep an eye on it and its contents.

I had a good chat with Bob W, who grew up in the village of Burwash and is now retired after a career with the Toronto PD.  He  had just pulled his small boat out of Neilly Lake with a nice mess of  Pike.

Bob told me that the Chukars that I had seen earlier and photographed last year are introduced annually for a weekend of sport with dog trials.

Next year Ring Necked Pheasants will be introduced.  He was unaware of the Prairie Chickens that I had photographed last summer.  So the Burwash site seems to fly under the public “radar”.



One thought on “20160629 Burwash, lilies, sparrow, raptor

  1. The water lilies were splendid, but the triplets were simply the EYE catcher!! Thanks Tom, I always enjoy your photos! Love Diana, Happy Canada Day!!

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