20160626 Evening wildlife along Riverside Drive

Here is some interesting wildlife that we found in a 40-minute after-supper drive.

First, a 2016 hatched female Mallard taking some sun:


And, a few metres away, her brother:


Short Winged Green grasshopper was also enjoying the sun …


As was this hoverfly flitting from Daisy to Daisy:

P1360515-1 P1360549-1-2

One of the several Bluets that we are seeing nowadays:


Another white crab spider, moving to the other side of the flower when it detected my presence:


Did you click on any of the above to see the intricacies of feathers and insect structure?  During that 40 minute drive I also saw a clearwing hummingbird moth and either a Viceroy or Monarch and lots of buzzing around the roadside blooms.

When walking or driving very slowly with lots of stops I am now seeing a lot of activity associated with flowers and shorelines.  Using the car as a blind seems to get me a little closer to the wildlife, a plus for making photos.