20160629 Burwash, lilies, sparrow, raptor

We had lunch at French River with Grace & Bob and continued on to Burwash.  On the way to French River we detoured to the ponds on Highway 607 where we saw some nice water lilies:

Simple images …


And more complex ones …


On the way into Burwash the yellow lores indicated…


… a White-throated Sparrow. Which was confirmed by this portrait:


Near the former village of Burwash a big birdhouse was on a former power pole.   Although I couldn’t hear anything and there was no adult activity I finally got a shot of this nestling …


And then this triplet of wary eyes.


It looked like the well-weathered nest box had been there for a long time.  I will keep an eye on it and its contents.

I had a good chat with Bob W, who grew up in the village of Burwash and is now retired after a career with the Toronto PD.  He  had just pulled his small boat out of Neilly Lake with a nice mess of  Pike.

Bob told me that the Chukars that I had seen earlier and photographed last year are introduced annually for a weekend of sport with dog trials.

Next year Ring Necked Pheasants will be introduced.  He was unaware of the Prairie Chickens that I had photographed last summer.  So the Burwash site seems to fly under the public “radar”.