20160623,24,25 Riverside Drive roadsides

Here are some samples of what was seen over a few days along Riverside Drive, Britt:

This “combined” flock of growing goslings is obediently following their parents away from photographer:


Heal-all is appearing in lawns and along roadsides …

“Heal-all is edible, and can be used in salads, soups, stews, and boiled as a pot herb. The Cherokee cooked and ate the young leaves. The Nlaka’pamux drank a cold infusion of the whole plant as a common beverage. The plant contains vitamins A, C, and K, as well as flavonoids and rutin.”


And the Vipers Bugloss or blueweed is blooming in the roadside gravel….


The dragonflies are harvesting mosquitoes and flies…

P1350921-1 P1350972-1

Pearl Crescent on Dogbane…


Heriades ??  (Click on the pop-up boxes.  I need to get a photo of the abdomen.)


Here is a sequence of that oft-seen, pollen-covered flying beetle(?) on a blackberry:

P1360095-1 P1360096-1 P1360098-1

Diana has a nice showing of cultivars in spite of the construction going on in her front yard.


Mallows …


Coreopsis ( tickseed) in front of the former Little Britt Inn.  A lot may be seen along both sides of Hwy 69, just north of Nobel where the highway is still two-laned.


Another hoverfly (with its wings folded).


One of the bumblebees foraging for nectar on a Common Vetch …


My first Clearwing Hummingbird Moth photographed with a mechanical instead of electronic shutter.  A bit clunky but the wings aren’t warped this way.


Viper’s Bugloss in its usual habitat:


A kingfisher with a fish of some sort in its bill … a long ways away!


I am seeing a lot of these hoverflies(?) on the milkweeds now.  One monarch/viceroy  flitted by but did not land.


Another white crap spider, lying in wait!


Lots of action!  I had to post this collection to explain to locals why I am often parked on the wrong side of the road peering at “the weeds”.

Summer is here, both astronomically and meteorologically, so lots is happening.