20160605 Wet blossoms (and goslings)

We awoke to a steady rain which lasted a few hours.  Initially it was calm, giving good photo opportunities in spite of swarming mosquitoes.  A couple of hours later the breeze made photography difficult in the dim light so I visited with the new cook at the local beanery.  Born of Italian/Anishinabe parents he self-describes himself a Wopaho.  He prepares Italian food by culture and French cuisine by training (Champagne region of France).  So I had to evaluate his work:  Michelin ****.

Here are some of the photos taken in the rain:  (Many of these are quite neat when enlarged (by clicking on the image.)



Common vetch


Aquilegia canadensis


Yellow Goat’s Beard or Salsify, which will change into giant seedball similar to a dandelion.  Watch one change over the next week or so.  Magic!


Goat’s Beard posing in profile …


Ox Eye Daisy, much hated flower by gardeners, lawnkeepers, farmers etc.   Insightful analysis here:  http://www.wildflowers-and-weeds.com/weedsinfo/Chrysanthemum_leucanthemum.htm


Nope, not a single family!!!  I saw this bunch of goslings and their parents foraging on the beach.  After stopping to take some pix, the goslings slowly followed ONE parent to the water, and entered it in a tidy line, followed by another of the parents.  The other pairs of parents (about half a dozen pairs) then flew off to enjoy a community luncheon while this pair took the combined families well out on the water to be baby-sat while the parents had a break.  I’d not seen that before.


Another flower hated by cow farmers:  Common Buttercup


Mullein again.  This time the water droplets are larger than the one I showed you a couple of weeks ago.


More buttercups …


Another weed put in the same category as dandelions by lawnkeepers:

If you are interested in how to rid our environment of this weed (and most other stuff in our environment), have a  look at this advice by our elected government:  http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/crops/pub75/pub75ch18.pdf

Also called the Devil’s Paintbrush …



Anemone canadensis


Vaccinium spp  (There is more to life than “highbush” and “lowbush”, eh?


Flower gardeners, naturalists and mountain hikers will recognize this leaf!

Garden variety of this:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lupinus


20 years ago, when I moved to Britt, I had 3 stalks of this plant on my property.   Yesterday, when I went to check on them, this is what I saw:


There is an equal number of plants to the right of the above photo.

A cluster:



In the wet (in a cloud of mosquitoes)…


Shield Lichen responding to the wet …


Last of the Pale Corydalis.   When they dry out those seed pods will probably pop open throwing the seeds a few feet away.  Similar to Spotted-Touch-Me-Nots (Jewelweed).


It is not raining today, but it is cold and windy so the pollinators (and their predators) will be quiet.  A good day to do chores.

Mary Holland post today:


Reminds me to report that I no longer hear the cheep cheep coming from the Hairy Woodpeckers’ nest.  So they have fledged!!

If interested you can determine the length of time for incubation and the time taken to fledge from this blog.  If you do please comment as I suspect that others would be interested.