20160722 Riverside Dr and Forest Access Rd

We inspected Riverside Drive to find these scenes:

A male Monarch, a bee  and Fritillary sharing milkweed nectar:


Flock of juvenile Canada Geese dabbling for wild rice seed before it surfaces.   This is not a good sign as it indicates a shortage of goose feed before the seed heads of the wild rice emerge above the water surface.


Male Twelve Spotted Skimmer at rest between meals…


Clouded Sulphur and Paper(?) Wasp share Goldenrod nectar.


Nice Cumulus clouds are building from daytime heating over the rocks.


In the previous post I identified that Hawk as a Broad-winged Hawk.  It might be a Merlin.  Any advice?  Many thanks for help.

If you like close-ups of insects and blooms, try this set of images.


2 thoughts on “20160722 Riverside Dr and Forest Access Rd

  1. Tom. great shot of the Monarch and Fritillary “sharing” and the close-ups of insects and blooms reveal so much. THANK YOU and keep “cool” in that heat !!

    • Thanks Krys! I went back and noticed the bee also sharing, hence the edit! That was a male Monarch … see the two dots near the bottom/back of the wings?

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