20160725 Local fruits, nuts, blooms, scenes

The high winds we’ve been having have slowed down picture-making.  But we did get out for a bit of sight-seeing.

Hard to resist these beautiful water lilies:



Tansy is blooming along the roadsides now …


And lots of Fireweed with lots of visitors, in this case a hover fly:


Either Prunus serotina or Prunus virginiana.    I think the latter, judging by the finely serrated leaves.


This Corylus cornuta is almost ready to harvest.   But it looks like some sort of borer got to one of these hazelnuts already.


Virgin’s bower, wild clematis is becoming quite common along the roadsides …


Early morning along the Still River:


We have been noticing a lot of grasshoppers flying around lately.  Here is the explanation:




2 thoughts on “20160725 Local fruits, nuts, blooms, scenes

  1. Tom, absolutely lovely (esp. the water Lily, the Tansy and that colour red) – such beautiful sights revealed during summer. THANK YOU !!!

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