20170421-22 Buds again, wet this time

A couple of calm days with misty soft rain, as a warm front slowly passed through, providing great opportunities to capture some usually unseen sights.   Here are a few:









First web of the season …


Candelaria concolor?

Capnoides youngster…

Descendant of immigrants that came to North America 300 years ago…

Cladonia asahinae fruiting?

And finally, one of my favorites taken with the Olympus 60mm Macro lens on the Panasonic GX7:

I gently pulled the branch into the car as I had to get very close for this, about 10″ away:

Left hand holding the branch, with the right holding the camera as I bobbed my head forward and back in Manual Focus to get a sharp one.

I really like shooting in the rain as the colours emerge, just like they used to when, as kids, we would lick rocks to bring out their colours.

When I compare April 2017, with April 2016, it seems that we are a bit behind this year.  But it seems quite variable for some unknown reason.



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