20170429 “A Short History of Porch Bingo”

This morning I got a notification that Jessica Outram had added “A Short History of Porch Bingo at our Annual Girls Week at the Cottage”  to her wonderful Blog, Sunshine in a Jar.

Over the past few years I’ve been privileged to meet Jessica and her wonderful family.  During the summer her parents, Dave and Maureen, stay at the family cottage on the Britt side of  Byng Inlet, in the family compound just downstream from the last range markers before entering the narrow part of the Inlet.

As you read “A Short History of Porch Bingo” you will see some of Jessica’s talent which she shares with the world as a school principal, a songstress, a photographer, a playwright, and as a good person.  Her staff and students are fortunate to have her running the show.  So are the rest of us who read her works, listen to her music and view her photography.

In my summer photography trips I often meet Dave, usually on my return trip from the end of Riverside Drive.  He often has a treat fresh from Maureen’s bake oven for me.  We exchange pleasantries and opinions on the state of the Universe.  Always an uplifting experience.

I have attended two “Summit Meetings” with Jessica and her cousin, the high-impact Chantelle Tunney.   Chantelle’s mother is Maureen’s sister, Pat Skene, who entertains and stimulates us with her blogs, especially with her storytelling.

A Short History…  captures some of the entertainment in our hamlet of Britt, where Bingos, Bazaars, Ball Tournaments, and (Seniors’) Breakfasts are Big Deals.

And it captures Jessica’s love for her Aunt Estelle who passed on  Sunday, April 23.

This  photo of  The Beach was taken two days before her passing.  Perhaps a sad portent.  But look how peaceful it is.

My condolences to the family.

Tom Semadeni


6 thoughts on “20170429 “A Short History of Porch Bingo”

  1. Thank you for this lovely post Tom. It was very thoughtful of you to take the time to write it. As the family mourns the passing of our beloved Estelle, Jessica’s Porch Bingo blog post is a gentle reminder of the many years of joy we shared together in Britt on Maureen and Dave’s porch. Just as your beautiful photography always reminds us to look for beauty in the little things in life.

    • Thank you for your generous comment Pat.
      Yes, the passing of a dear one always reminds us of our shared experiences and of our gratitude for having them.
      The best thing about getting older is having the opportunity to do so. I guess that is a motivation for us to look for and to enjoy “the beauty in the little things in life”.

  2. Thanks so much for your very kind words Tom. It brought tears to my eyes to read all the lovely things you wrote. We are very proud of Jessica and Pat and Chantell and their accomplishments.
    It’s truly wonderful to call you “our friend”!
    The photo in this blog really does demonstrate the “eerie” mood of The Bay because of Estelle’s passing. She loved her “Georgian Bay” visits.
    Thanks again.
    Maureen and Dave

    • Thanks Maureen and Dave,
      Yes, you and the Skenes should be very proud of two very accomplished daughters! One of these summers I hope to have another Summit Meeting with them … on St Amants “Porch”. We have a few topics to follow up on. I will rely on their razor sharp minds to recall them as mine has become a bit duller …. perhaps with age?

  3. Thanks so much for this beautiful post, Tom. You are so kind. We will certainly have another Summit Meeting again soon. 60 days until summer vacation! 🙂 I’m so blessed to have such supportive family and friends. The traditions our parents shared with my cousins and I are special. Britt is special. I love being able to capture the spirit of the place where my family calls home and the spirit of the ways we make memories there. I know Britt meant a lot to Aunt Estelle too. She’ll always be smiling on Georgian Bay.

    • Thanks, Jessica,
      As I recall: “As you give you shall receive.” I just looked it up: Luke 6:38. You are indeed blessed.

      Ok! Summit Meeting on the St Amants Restaurant Porch.

      I enjoyed a “Pre-Opening Taste” on Saturday night so we might enjoy some rare delights at the Summit Meeting. I am looking forward to seeing you again, Chantell too!!


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