20170510-11 Leatherleaf, Red Admiral, Native Bee Pollinators, Wildflowers, Beaver, Birdies, Horsetails

We have been trying to keep up with all the changes taking place outside.  Here are some examples…

A nice patch of leatherleaf in an open bog along Hwy 529.  There is a lot of it on that Highway, in the open, and under mixtures of Tamaracks and Spruce.   It is often in association there with Labrador Tea and Bog Rosemary.

Up close …

Red Admiral:


Several solitary native bees ..

Pair of Green Sweat Bees… Agapostemon  probably.


Unidentified fly.  (I think).

Solitary Bee …

Bee fly coming in to visit a solitary bee…

Oops, another solitary bee  …

One of the solitary bees takes off.

Pretty wildflowers ….


Castor canadensis checking out the photographer in the pond near Big  Lake…

This Blue Jay is hoping that its Namesakes will soon make their way out of the AL East  Cellar.

See it?

That sure looks like a Chipping Sparrow.  Photo made on May 11.  eBird sightings indicate that they arrived during the first week of May.

Equisetum, a living fossil…


Mary Holland gives a good illustrated article showing the difference between squirrel corn and dutchman’s breeches:


Mary Ann Borge discusses the amazing Plantain-leaved Pussytoes here:


Our local Field Pussytoes ( Antennaria neglecta) apparently have the same methods of reproduction and similar relationships with pollinators, including the caterpillar of the beautiful American Painted Lady, which we’ll see in another month or so.   I will pay a lot more attention to the flowers (which are budding now) in a week or two.

The above two timely blogs are very helpful in give us Northerners a “heads-up” a week or so in advance of events as the spring/summer develops.





2 thoughts on “20170510-11 Leatherleaf, Red Admiral, Native Bee Pollinators, Wildflowers, Beaver, Birdies, Horsetails

  1. Thank you .. thank you. During this time of season, the sights and the sounds of our various feathered friends is amazing Tom, It’s all around us, this seasonal rebirth. Thanks to you, I can name most of what I see. (saw butterlies too) xoxo

    • Hi Krys,
      Yes, it it great to feel the warm weather which is stimulating all of this change too! : )

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