20170526 Corydalis, cherries, ferns, yellow violet, Solomons Plume and Seal, Grackle

Corydalis, cherries, ferns, yellow violet, Solomons Plume and Seal, Grackle on another wet day …

Classic wet Pale Corydalis …

Choke or Black Cherry in the rain …

Compare with these Pin Cherries which have their blossoms spread out along the twig:


I am not yet certain of this fern … its beauty unfurls over a few days …

Very different from this branched Bracken Fern ….

Or from these Interrupted Ferns

This grass was blooming along a little stream.  First time I’ve noticed it. No ID yet.

The Downy Yellow Violets are blooming along Station Road…

And Solomon’s Plume (or False Solomon’s Seal) are about to break into flower.

In Diana’s garden, her Solomon’s Seal is will open its blossoms in a day or two….

Speaking of Diana’s Garden:

Meanwhile this Grackle is checking out its reflection ….

We are hoping to see some sunshine today.  It would be good for the pollinators and for the birdies who are stocking up on protein for their new broods.


4 thoughts on “20170526 Corydalis, cherries, ferns, yellow violet, Solomons Plume and Seal, Grackle

  1. Thank you and partial to the Choke (Black Cherry) in the rain and Diana’s garden. So pretty out there isn’t it eh!!! xoxoxo

    • Thanks Krys!
      Yes, it is pretty. Especially this morning when we are seeing some sunshine!

  2. So impressed with your photography, and knowledge. I am following with interest. Thank you

    • Thank you for your very generous comment. I enjoy learning about our natural environment, and the camera is a natural tool for doing so. Carrying a camera encourages looking, seeing, and picture-making when out and about. When I process the images on my computer I usually end up doing a bit of research which increases my basic knowledge of biology. Lots of fun. It’s something that I look forward to every day as each day brings new objects of interest into view. I’m lucky to have to opportunity to be taking pictures, learning about what I photographed and to be sharing the learning. I appreciate your feedback as it contributes to my feeling that the effort is worthwhile, not only to me, but to others. So thanks a lot!

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