20170807-09 Local Ducks, bugs and blossoms

We enjoyed a few days of warm sunshine, which brought out some pleasant summer activity.

Mom and ducklings enjoy some rays …

Nectaring at a Boneset blossom…

Boreal Bluet pausing …

White Wild Spirea in mid bloom …

Twelve Spotted Skimmer poised on a stick …

Pickerel Weed nearing the end of its bloom period.

Nice Fragrant White Water Lilies  c/w their reflections …

This chlorophyll has not yet changed to the version that absorbs red  colours.

Spotted Jewelweed or Spotted Touch-me-not is at its peak bloom now ..

Complicated tubular blossom …

Tamarack cones have changed colour and are letting their seeds mature.

The white berries of Red Osier Dogwood are ripening …  Mcphail Woods:

“Berries are a preferred food of ruffed grouse, northern flicker, downy woodpecker, eastern kingbird, common crow, gray catbird, American robin, Swainson’s thrush, evening grosbeak, cedar waxwing and purple finch. They are well utilised by dozens of other species of songbirds, particularly during fall migration. The branches and foliage form dense summer cover, offering protection and nesting sites for species such as the American goldfinch. Flowers are an important source of pollen for honey bees. Red squirrels, chipmunks and raccoons include red osier dogwood in their diets, while snowshoe hare and beaver browse the twigs in winter.”

Unfortunately we are now experiencing very overcast skies.   So we can’t get in on this fake new story!!

Too bad!

One thought on “20170807-09 Local Ducks, bugs and blossoms

  1. Dear Tom .. thank you for yet more beautiful views that Mother Nature gifts us with. xoxo

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