20170811-13 Local Great Blue Heron, bugs, berries and blooms

This Great Blue Heron was seen on the bank of the stream that crosses the intersection of Hwy 529 and Hwy 645.   It was very skittish and took off while I was adjusting my camera to capture its take-off.   Next time ……

The Highbush Cranberries are ripening, soon to be raided by many birds and mammals…

Very dense seedhead of Sow Thistle

Ripening Chokecherries …

A White Admiral and a Viceroy are gathering some moisture from a driveway on Old Still River Road….

Male Whitefaced Meadowhawk

Female contemplating approach of a meal …

Another male…

Yet to be  identified pretty little flower …

Although I read that some longhorn beetles consume nectar I couldn’t see any evidence that this one was getting any.

Syrphid fly on a blossom of a Black Eyed Susan ..

Very strange but colourful changes  in the chlorophyll of these emergent Red Maple shoot…

Yum Yum: Prunus Virginiana

This shows why the specie name of this Viburnum is trilobum

Another Viburnum with a very different leaf.

Late season Leonard’s Skipper nectaring on Joe Pye Weed…

A pair of Bluets mating …

This might be a female immature bobolink on the railway track ballast …

Mary Holland tells about your competition when harvesting beaked hazelnuts.

One thought on “20170811-13 Local Great Blue Heron, bugs, berries and blooms

  1. Thank you Tom .. the clear, vivid colours and compositions do the subjects justice. xoxo

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