20170814 Reposting of 20150814 Trip to Moose Lake via Hwy 529 …. some bugs and blossoms

This post was entered as a “Page” in error back in August 2015!   Now, in August 2017 I am moving it back into the blog two years after it was photographed and written.

That will leave “Pages” ( Home, About, Gallery, Making Pictures, & others to come later) up in the title block as ongoing references.

Here is the original August 2015 posting.  Not much has changed.  Moose Lake still serves very good ice-cream.

We saw a lot of late summer activity.  Here are the highlights.

This grasshopper’s flight resembles a high speed butterfly.  Study grasshoppers.


Keeping track of the photographer…


Last of the milkweed blossoms attracting bees and butterflies in need of nectar …


P1660306-1 P1660322-1

Pods are forming quickly ..


Yet another nectar source for the last of the Monarchs.

P1660363-1 P1660372-1

Jewelweed is a well known soother for poison ivy.


Joe Pye Weed flower head is an uncommon place for a grasshopper.


Joe Pye Weed just starting to bloom….


On of my favorite summer (and winter indoor) flowers …  Pearly everlasting.

P1660433-1 P1660444-1

A source of nectar for this butterfly (duskywing skipper?)

EDIT:   Nope!   Try American Lady.


Stowing proboscis prior to flight ….


Bumble bee visiting purple loosestrife


This shows why purple loosestrife is considered to be an invasive specie in our wetlands:


After stopping for a “moose tracks” ice cream cone at Moose Lake Trading Post, I headed back to Britt and saw some towering clouds on the northern horizon…..  the subject of yet another post to this blog.

You’ll have to go back to the 2015 Archives if you’d like to see the posts either before or after the original post.

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