20170815 Skerryvore Community Road scenes

On the way back from Parry Sound we stopped at Norse Brewery at Wood’s Road.   A good excuse to detour to Skerryvore Road for some scenes.  Here is some of what we saw…

Looking into the sun…

Looking down-sun:

This looks like a Soldier Beetle on a Boneset flower.   Common Boneset, judging by the leaves clasping the main stem.

Soldier Beetles mating.   These look like Goldenrod Soldier Beetles, who are also known as Pennsylvania Leather Beetles.

Milkweed pods are almost full size … ready to finish the maturing process.


Terrestial Swamp Smartweed:

Bombus ternarius nectaring on Common Boneset …

The Cornell Lab has reviewed a new report describing the challenges facing migratory forest birds.  Check out the review here:




One thought on “20170815 Skerryvore Community Road scenes

  1. Thank you again Tom …. it’s in those incredible, awe-inspirating details. Take time to stop, look and see. xoxo

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