20170817 A trip to Yesterday’s Resort

After lunch at the French River Inn we took Hwy 607A to Yesterday’s Resort, built in 1923 as a CPR executive retreat.  It was opened to the public as a fishing and “recovery” resort.  It has hosted King George VI and Queen Elizabeth and many other celebrities including Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable.  Up to 150 guests can be accommodated in a variety of buildings, mainly 2 bedroom cottages.   No, this is not a marketing blurb since it appears to be unused.  Most of the buildings are in disrepair with trees growing through the tennis court.  I decided not to make any photographs there since I didn’t want to record such an apparent loss.

Instead here are some flora and little critters we saw along the roadway …

A fly mimicking a bee on Tansy …

Roadside Fragrant White Water Lily …

One of the many Fall Asters in full bloom …

This Orange-belted Bumble Bee is foraging for nectar and pollen.  (Pollen sac on leg.)

This insect is nectaring on a White Spirea:

Drop of water on leaf of a Spotted Touch-me-not.

A lot of White Admirals are around these days.   Although this on is quite worn, perhaps a second brood has metamorphosed.

It spent several minutes collecting nectar from a fresh Joe Pye Weed blossom.

Syrphid fly on Evening Primrose …

A nice picture of a Queen Anne’s Lace.  Click on the image to get an enlarged version.

Staghorn Sumac fruit … also worth enlarging…

Syrphid on Goldenrod …

This long legged spider was moving around in a bunch of Goldenrods …

Another wasp, I think.   Look at that strange antenna!   (Up close)

This Red Osier Dogwood has blue berries instead of the typical white —— perhaps indicating a cultivar?

Look at the eyes of this spectacular Hover Fly (I think!).

Syrphid approaching a Fall Aster…

Another bumble bee foraging on a thistle … pollen sac on rear leg.

We are experiencing some high cloud a couple of hours before the eclipse on August 21.

So our eclipse might be photograph-able later today.   We’ll see.

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