20150613 Ducks and other sights

As usual, a click on an image brings up the large version, enabling close inspection.  A “right click” brings it up in a new tab in your browser, usually.

This Mallard couple is cruising through the Canada Rushes nibbling on….





This proud momma takes her little brood out for a Saturday excursion.


While this proud mom has a rest break with her brood.


A song sparrow in the tag alders watches and sings.


A Yellow Goatsbeard shows it delicate structures.


This Eastern Phoebe is reducing the shoreline insect population.


I need help identifying this birdie.  “Little Dickie Birdie”??


Spring is moving along quickly.  Next weekend brings the first day of summer!

3 thoughts on “20150613 Ducks and other sights

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